Technology Reference Studies (TRS)

They are technical challenges focused on the key technologies specific to the AO.
The purpose of the Technology Reference Studies is to enable combined mission concept assessment and technology research work, on topics of potential relevance to future ESA programmes. The work has concrete short-term targets (i.e. technology activity proposals for ESA programs).

Study Team

The study team shall be composed of experts from both research or academic institutions and Industry. It shall include at least a senior researcher, a junior researcher and an industry core team (see following definitions).

Senior Researcher

A senior research fellow or professor, with at least five (and preferably more) years of post-doctoral research experience and a proven track record in a research field. This person will be the main responsible for all duration of the activity.

Junior researcher

Either a post-graduate doctoral student or a research fellow with maximum up to five years' experience of post-doctoral research.

Industry core team

A group of interdisciplinary experts who work full-time in an industrial entity. The Industry core team shall comprise as a minimum, experts in spacecraft systems engineering and relevant engineering specialist of the technology product being put forward.

Challenge Response

Short 20 pages proposal responding to this AO and addressing at least two of the Technology Reference Studies

Challenge Analysis

A detailed analysis and design of one of the Technology Reference Studies

Final Review

Review of the Challenge Analysis by an ESA panel and study teams in a meeting organised by ESA at the end of the contract.

LSI - Large System Integrators

Large System Integrators are enterprises having at the same time at least one ongoing prime contract for over €200m and concerning space-related infrastructures, launchers or satellites; and in this area either an annual turnover of over €200m or an annual balance sheet total of more than €200m.

On this basis, the list of LSIs would be, as of June 2009 onwards:

  • EADS-Astrium SAS
  • EADS-Astrium GmbH
  • EADS-Astrium Ltd
  • EADS-Space Transportation SAS
  • EADS-Space Transportation GmbH
  • Thales Alenia Space France SAS
  • Thales Alenia Space Italia Spa
  • OHB System AG