Two types of studies


Two types of studies are envisaged within the Alcantara initiative, Pilot Studies and Competence Surveys. Separate eligibility and evaluation criteria for Pilot and Competence Surveys have been defined.

Pilot Studies

The purpose of Pilot Studies is to enable joint study and research work, on topics relevant to ESA programmes, and addressing an area of interest to the home institution of the visiting fellow.

Pilot studies have a duration of up to 1 year and a budget 100 k€ plus travel allowances, allocated by the Agency on top of the nominal study budget, if considered relevant.

Competence surveys

Competence surveys are instead aimed at conducting critical analyses of the status and maturity of current research work i.e. research surveys, on topics and geographical regions of interest.

Competence Surveys can help prepare the Pilot Studies of the future, in areas where the partnership is of potential interest but cannot be established yet (e.g. lack of known actors, maturity of the research topic).

Competence Surveys have a duration of up to 6 months and a budget of 100 k€.