Participating in GSP Studies

GSP funds studies to gather knowledge in different areas that can than be utilized by other ESA directorates. Therefore in order to allow a great variety of ideas and inputs the GSP encourages small companies and universities to also participate. A new view on old problems often triggers astonishing results.

Interacting with the GSP also involves meeting other companies, universities and of course ESA.

The General Studies Programme (GSP) publishes on a regular basis studies in the EMITS system. This general checklist should help potentially interested companies and institutions from ESA memberstates how to get involved.

  1. Register in EMITS (Companies, Institutes and Universities wishing to do business with ESA are required to register as potential bidders and become an EMITS user)
  2. Review EMITS Intended Invitations to Tender (ITTs) regularly
  3. Look at the SME information website
  4. Communicate your interest to participate in an ITT via EMITS and contact potential partners, identified via EMITS
  5. Acquire and maintain an up-to-date knowledge of ESA's programmes, activities, organisation and methods of operations.

How to work with the GSP

Each year the GSP  funds a large number of studies related to all areas of space research and spaceflight. Three types of activities are possible:

  • Strategy: corporate studies
  • Missions: pre-Phase A, Phase A studies
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: system studies on new concepts, exploratory research

Following an internal evaluation of the proposed study the Statement of Work will be generated that provides the basis for industry to work with GSP. A detailed description will be issued in the open tenders site on EMITS. This triggers a call for proposals open to all European industry and universities. After a careful evaluation of the proposals by ESA experts, a contract will be assigned to the most successful bidder.

We are looking forward to working together with you in the future.