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The photon enhanced thermionic emitter is a new solar energy harvester suitable for operations at high temperatures. We propose the use of a bio-inspired light-trapping structure to enhance the solar flux collection.
Contractor: Univ politecnica Madrid / Contract Number: 4000112049 / Start Year: 2014
The objective of the APPS study has been to investigate the feasibility, architectural and system design, and potential performance of a non-nuclear system whose single goal is to provide survival and servicing support to a planetary payload element, in order to ensure its operations despite the...
Contractor: OHB System AG / Contract Number: 4000105102 / Start Year: 2011
The main purpose of this project, as mentioned in the SoW, was to analyse historical mission data and search for new features which would be useful in the telemetry checking, command verification and procedure writing process in the future.
Contractor: Instituto Superior de Estatística e Gestão de Informação (ISEGI) / Contract Number: 4000112224 / Start Year: 2014
Biomass burning is a key Earth system process, a major element of the terrestrial carbon cycle and a globally highly significant source of certain atmospherice trace gases and aerosols. The use of thermal remote sensing in the study of vegetation fires is therefore the focus of this study.
Contractor: Airbus Defence & Space / Contract Number: 4000106742 / Start Year: 2012
All spacecraft in Earth orbit are exposed to the risk of impact with Micrometeoroids and Orbital Debris (M/OD). Because of the large collision velocities, Hypervelocity Impacts (HVI) with M/OD may cause significant damage to various subsystems and components up to mission failure.
Contractor: Airbus Defence & Space / Contract Number: 4000108123 / Start Year: 2013
Libration Point Orbits (LPO) and Highly Elliptical Orbits (HEO) are often selected for astrophysics and solar terrestrial missions as they offer vantage points for the observation of the Earth, the Sun and the Universe. No guidelines currently exist for LPO and HEO missions' end-of-life; however,...
Contractor: UNIV SOUTHAMPTON / Contract Number: 4000107624 / Start Year: 2013
The Swedish PRISMA IRIDES experiment (Iterative Reduction of Inspection Distance with Embedded Safety) encompassed the transfer of the PRISMA MANGO spacecraft to the non-operational and un-prepared CNES PICARD spacecraft with close range rendezvous and inspection. The rendezvous and inspection...
Contractor: OHB System AG / Contract Number: 4000110631 / Start Year: 2014
The main goals of the DPEM project was [RD1] "to set the foundations for the development of a comprehensive suite of near surface dusty plasma environment models applicable in particular (but not only) to airless bodies of interest for future exploration missions such as asteroids, the Moon,...
Contractor: Finnish Meteorological Institute-Finland / Contract Number: 4000106892 / Start Year: 2012
The  awareness  of  the  risk  of  uncontrolled  accumulation  of  man-­‐made  objects  became significant in the late 70's and since then, a number of space debris mitigation guidelines have been published by various organizations. The...
Contractor: DINAMICA SRL / Contract Number: 4000107618 / Start Year: 2013
The purpose of this GSP activity was to assess the capabilities of non-intrusive diagnostic techniques for internal measurements in ablative materials during PWT tests. This initial steps were to identify the measurements to be performed in relation with high-speed Earth re-entry, and to identify...
Contractor: Ingénierie et Systèmes Avancés / Contract Number: 4000112225 / Start Year: 2014
This study investigates data mining techniques useful for the health monitoring of spacecraft, focusing on (1) features derived from telemetry parameter time series; (2) derived parameters from auxiliary data sources; (3) Kernel-­‐density estimate (KDE) based data density change detection; (5)...
Contractor: Instituto Superior de Estatística e Gestão de Informação (ISEGI) / Contract Number: 4000112223 / Start Year: 2014
Public awareness of the urgent need for mitigating the environmental impacts of human activities is ever growing. This results in a more and more stringent public environmental legislation and an increasing public pressure. In this context, the European Space Agency (ESA), as a public sector...
Contractor: BIO INTELLIGENCE SERVICE / Contract Number: 4000104787 / Start Year: 2011
Automated biomonitoring of Air and Water quality in Human spacecraft
Contractor: MEDES / Contract Number: 4000107616 / Start Year: 2013
Application of a Bit Torrent-like Protocol and Data Distribution Model to Mission Operations
Contractor: Teletel / Contract Number: 4000108835 / Start Year: 2013
Contractor: Gomspace APS / Contract Number: 4000108683 / Start Year: 2013
Climate Tipping Points Detection and Analysis of Patterns using an Ordinal Regression Approach
Contractor: UNIVERSITY OF CORDOBA / Contract Number: 4000108222 / Start Year: 2013
Business case analysis of a Multi-Functional In-Flight Experimental System
Contractor: ELV Spa / Contract Number: 4000107840 / Start Year: 2013
Mars Hopper Concept Technologies
Contractor: ASTRIUM LIMITED / Contract Number: 4000107642 / Start Year: 2013
Innovative service oriented approach to the procurement and development of an active debris removal demonstration mission
Contractor: Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) / Contract Number: 4000108122 / Start Year: 2013
Atom Interferometry Test of the Weak Equivalence Principle in Space
Contractor: ASTRIUM GMBH / Contract Number: 4000105567 / Start Year: 2012
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