Title Modified Date
Photonic Propulsion for Interplanetary travel and Outer Solar System Missions
Contractor: Laben / Contract Number: 18467 / Start Year: 2004
Study of an Advanced Launcher Concept
Contractor: AB Technology Group / Contract Number: 18442 / Start Year: 2004
Spaceworthy compact MRI scanner concept using High Temperature Superconducting RF coils
Contractor: QINETIQ LTD. / Contract Number: 18171 / Start Year: 2004
Assessment and Definition study for Photonic Crystal (Holey) Fibres for Space Applications
Contractor: Hovemere Ltd / Contract Number: 18609 / Start Year: 2004
Study of the application of clusterelectric effect for Electric propulsion systems
Contractor: ALTA S.P.A / Contract Number: 18458 / Start Year: 2004
Enabling self-healing capabilities - a small step to bio-mimetic materials
Contractor: University of Bristol / Contract Number: 18131 / Start Year: 2004
Assessment of potential use of cellular (foam, sponge, hollowspheres…) materials for space applications
Contractor: OHB System GmbH / Contract Number: 17917 / Start Year: 2003
Definition of Human Transportation Systems for LEO and Exploration Missions
Contractor: ALENIA SPAZIO / Contract Number: 18380 / Start Year: 2004
Implementation of Ground Station Interoperability
Contractor: KSAT / Contract Number: 18073 / Start Year: 2004
Study on the Impact of Ergonomics and Autonomy Requirements on the Design of Life Support Hardware
Contractor: EADS / Contract Number: 18086 / Start Year: 2004
Study of techniques and sensors for observation of extreme weather events
Contractor: ALCATEL / Contract Number: 18302 / Start Year: 2004
Radioastronomy with Satellite Television Systems for Schools and Universities
Contractor: FHG - Institute for integradted circuits / Contract Number: 18369 / Start Year: 2004
Furoshiki Net Mobility Concept
Contractor: TU Wien / Contract Number: 18178 / Start Year: 2004
Study of the System Applications and Realisation of Novel Deployable Antenna Concepts for Future Development and Test
Contractor: Alcatel Space Toulouse / Contract Number: 18378 / Start Year: 2004
Space Synapse: enhance public awareness of space through artist involvement
Contractor: Space Synapse Ltd / Contract Number: 17515 / Start Year: 2003
Study on Crater Experiment
Contractor: UNIV Curie / Contract Number: 9999000041 / Start Year: 2003
Engineering Support on Rover Locomotion for ExoMars Rover Phase A
Contractor: Rover Company Ltd, with VNII Transmash / Contract Number: 17211 / Start Year: 2003
Potential for Co-operation between RKA and ESA in the area of exploration.
Contractor: Tsniimash / Contract Number: 17564 / Start Year: 2003
Impact of the Accuracy of Variables Retrievable from Multi-angular, Hyperspectral Observations on Ecosystem Model Performance (sub-item 3 of 01/S20)
Contractor: University of Louis Pasteur / Contract Number: 17169 / Start Year: 2003
The scientific concept for a space-borne high temperature event observing mission (sub-item 1 of 01/S30)
Contractor: DLR - German Aerospace Center / Contract Number: 17690 / Start Year: 2003
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