Title Modified Date
Coupled Electrodynamic/Electrostatic Propulsion System Study
Contractor: ALENIA SPAZIO / Contract Number: 18355 / Start Year: 2004
Space Weather Applications Pilot Project (ex 02/L31)
Contractor: Etamax Space GmbH / Contract Number: 18042 / Start Year: 2004
Study on methods to increase the efficiency of Magneto-Plasma-Dynamic class thrusters (applied field & self-induced) operating in low power mode, ie.100 kW range
Contractor: ALTA S.P.A / Contract Number: 18614 / Start Year: 2004
Vega for ISS servicing
Contractor: ELV Spa / Contract Number: 18272 / Start Year: 2004
User Application Collaborative Infrastructure: validation for scientific and commercial exploitation
Contractor: Datamat / Contract Number: 18104 / Start Year: 2004
Contractor: DLR - German Aerospace Center / Contract Number: 17893 / Start Year: 2004
Low cost remote sensing spacecraft with electric propulsion
Contractor: QINETIQ LTD. / Contract Number: 18271 / Start Year: 2004
Assessment of the use of an electric propulsion plasma as an antenna for interplanetary missions
Contractor: QINETIQ LTD. / Contract Number: 18244 / Start Year: 2004
Observation techniques and sensor conceots for observation of CO2 from space
Contractor: ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE / Contract Number: 17852 / Start Year: 2004
Definition of Scenarios and Roadmap for Operational Oceanography
Contractor: CLS / Contract Number: 18034 / Start Year: 2004
Frequency Monitoring and Propagation Experiment Package (ex 01/A35)
Contractor: QINETIQ LTD. / Contract Number: 18192 / Start Year: 2004
Verification of Quantum Mechanics and New Applications of Quantum Technologies and Methods in Space
Contractor: ONERA / Contract Number: 18285 / Start Year: 2004
Nano satellite beacons for space weather monitoring
Contractor: CCLRC / Contract Number: 18474 / Start Year: 2004
Feasibility study of the implementation of an infrared hyperspectral sensor on PROBA
Contractor: Alcatel-ETCA / Contract Number: 18728 / Start Year: 2004
Use of the PROBA platform for Ocean Monitoring
Contractor: Spacebel / Contract Number: 18437 / Start Year: 2004
Study of European Cooperating States
Contractor: BERTIN / Contract Number: 17868 / Start Year: 2004
Definition Study for a Terahertz Camera for Humanitarian Demining and Remote Detection of Chemical and Biological Substances
Contractor: TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DENMARK / Contract Number: 18370 / Start Year: 2004
Study of auxiliary direct visualization of information tools for space applications
Contractor: LusoSpace / Contract Number: 18652 / Start Year: 2004
Launch of the manned Soyuz-TMA spacecraft from CSG Kourou - CCN to 03/L42
Contractor: EADS Space Transportation GmbH / Contract Number: 17030 / Start Year: 2003
Pilot Experiment with Evpatoria 70 m Antenna in Ukraine, Preparation for Reception of S-X band Data from Deep Space Missions
Contractor: National Space Agency of Ukraine / Contract Number: 18044 / Start Year: 2004
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